Breath is Life Helpful Hints: Be Happy Remember to Laugh it’s hellish don’t believe the hype LaMantia’s Blog #1

Breath is Life Helpful Hints: Be Happy Remember to Laugh it’s hellish don’t believe the hype LaMantia’s Blog #1

no 1 title so far … everything good’s been taken … but do try to remember to laugh. I put Calendar reminders on my phone with emoji’s - stars and the like.. when I am getting banged about by life? those lil puppies show up on my screen and do make me laugh and exhale… that’s key.  Breath is Life — there it is! no doubt that’s taken too. lol.

Who cares? just keep doing what you do well and do your best to shed the rest.

Tell the negatives voices to eff off!

that makes me laugh especially if I use an appropriate gesture with it. Those voices came from negative silly people in your past - Evict them. Sadly you will probably going to have to evict them over and over. Take Heart!

1 day soon… you’ll forget about them. They will no doubt make a comeback here or there.

When they do? Just put them in a chair and have a chat. Then sit in that chair and be them and talk to your true self. Sounds mad doesn’t it? It is a bit, but a good kind of mad, and it works.  Search #gestalttherapy it’s a thing. I just saved you a bundle of $$. But like everything good for you it’s not a 1 and done.

Do you expect to just eat once and never have to eat again?


Anything good, bears repeating.

Anything negative deserves evicting.

Get after it and Keep Going!

ok. I’m hungry … see you 2moro


Remember to Laugh — eff em!

ps: here’s a great Podcast with a 2 very good Breathing Exercises - Stick with em!

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