LaMantia Solo 2nd Saturdays

ย โ€” ย โ€”

Duvin, 5736 Thornhill Drive, Oakland, CA

This Solo Show really worked โ€” so we will have 2nd Saturday monthly shows from now on! LaMantia Solo: Singing and playing

SteelPan and Cuatro

her Songs and Samba n Jazz Standards

Duvin is a Beautiful tiny spot - Reservations advised - Message LaMantia to make reservations

Looking Forward to seeing you there!

Duvin Wine Bar: Great curated selection of Wine, Beer and some amazing non alcoholic bevvies

cover*: $10 Students Seniors Artists etc $20 Employed

*notaflof No One turned Away for Lack of Funds MoLove โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š

MoLove is an Oakland Artist Collective of Caribbeans and Americans using Carnival Arts, Productions and Events as an Agent of Social Change.ย 

MoLove plans to launch MoLove Cali Carnival, a destination event whoโ€™s profits will support several worthy community based, artist run programs through no write grants.ย 

This model is based on Trinidadโ€™s hugely successful Carnival, an economic engine that raises the standard of living for many citizens and is a huge source of Funding for Arts and Music Carnival Music programs throughout the country, who then participate in the larger annual festival.ย ย An exquisite circle of Creativity, Profit and ReInvestment in Community and Youth.