LaMantia’s FUN! Big Release Party Oct 20 Thursday New Big Bissap Baobob SF 6-9p

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

New Big Bissap Baobob SF, 2243 Mission St., San Francisco

LaMantia’s Fantastic Release Party Oct 20, 2022 with LilmoLove Band and special guests Marcos Silva and more! 6-9p …no charge ... tho DONATIONS for MoLove Steelband gladly accepted!

Join us in Celebrating LaMantia’s Release of Norah Jones’ “Sunrise” on Spotify etc. This Exciting Recording is featured on Her EP “Everything is Fine” which will also be available with the groovy LilmoLove Tshirts and other SPICEY FAB items for sale to support the band and MoLove!

MoLove is an Oakland Artist Collective of Caribbeans and Americans using Carnival Arts, Productions and Events as an Agent of Social Change. 

MoLove plans to launch MoLove Cali Carnival, a destination event who’s profits will support several worthy community based, artist run programs through no write grants. 

This model is based on Trinidad’s hugely successful Carnival, an economic engine that raises the standard of living for many citizens and is a huge source of Funding for Arts and Music Carnival Music programs throughout the country, who then participate in the larger annual festival.  An exquisite circle of Creativity, Profit and ReInvestment in Community and Youth.