Hourly Rehearsal Studio Rentals

Hourly Rehearsal Studio Rentals: Every Day 2-9pm 

Text 510-407-1527 to book


Studio -    Zero Sound Bleed!

 only 1 Studio rented at a time

Ez Roll In - No Stairs 

Safe Area,  Comfortable Space


Pro Studio:

$30 hour min 2 hours         $75 for 3 hours

700 sq foot

Suitable for Touring Bands


Pro Studio backline available:

Remo Drum Kit $10

Bass / Keys amp Roland 15” w/ horn $10

P.A. - QSC digital 16  $30

baby grand Piano $10



Catered Home Cooked Organic Food Available upon request

check our Insta @LilmoCook 


Text 510-407-1527 to book Studios and Catering


Studio A:

$20 Hour Rehearsal Studio Rental