Composer: Norah Jones
Producer: Dre Jonson
Vocals, Cuatro, Keys, Steel Pans: LaMantia
Background Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Bass: Dre Jonson
Drums: Randy Burke

Mixing Engineer: Scott McChane
Mastering Engineer: Piper Payne Neato Mastering


SUNRISE words and music Norah Jones arr. DreJonson 2017

VERSE 1 Sunrise, Sunrise Looks Like morning in your eyes
But the clock held 9:15 for hours
Sunrise, Sunrise Couldn’t Tempt us if it Tried
Cause the Afternoon’s Already come and gone


VERSE 2 Surprise, Surprise Couldn’t Find it in your Eyes
But I’m Sure it’s Written all Over myyy Face

Surprise, Surprise Never Something I could Hide
When I See we Made it Thru Another Daaaay


BRIDGE And now the night Will Throw its Cover down on me again
Ooo and if I’m Right It’s the only Way to Bring me Baaaack

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