LaMantia: SingerSongwriter, Composer, Producer, Community Arts Creator

LaMantia: SingerSongwriter, Composer, Producer, Community Arts Creator

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the American Trini....

LaMantia   Performer   Composer   SingerSongwriter
Oakland    Los Angeles   Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. 
SteelPans,  Vocals,   Cuatro Guitar 

With “Groovebop” Orchestral compositions and the endless Trinidad Steelband Panoramas
and Carnivals in which she has performed, LaMantia’s electrifying performances from Port-of-Spain to San Francisco with MoLove❤️💛💚, reflect her enthusiasm and Joy for music and life.  The latest works stem from her early World Beat experience: such as with the song “Everywhere” and its romantic overtones, which lends itself to the softer side of the Caribbean, while blended with her American roots.
As a Composer Singer Songwriter she offers Folk-Pop Jazzy neoSka, while giving homage to her heroes.  With
Steel Pans, Vocals, and ‘Cuatro’ Guitar,
she expresses depth and fortitude playing songs of Courage and Delight.

Lilmo Unplugged FAT Tuesday! 13 FEB Oakland NEW PARISH  

woop! woop! LaMantia’s LilmoLove is Unplugged this FAT Tuesday! 13 FEB 

an Exciting Mix of Reggae Calypso Ska n’ Jazz 

ORIGINALS ! +  Fab Throwback SKA SAMBA Covers 


#Venezuelan #Cuatro #Guitar + Trinidad #SteelPan #SteelDrum 


CHAMPION DRUMMER Chris Gamper accompanies LaMantia on this Unplugged LilmoLove  

Bringing the feel of buskin’ on Bourbon Street and as always #MoLove ‼️ 


Copyright ©LaMantia 2012-2022 All Rights Reserved

MoLove is an Oakland Artist Collective of Caribbeans and Americans using Carnival Arts, Productions and Events as an Agent of Social Change. 

MoLove plans to launch MoLove Cali Carnival, a destination event who’s profits will support several worthy community based, artist run programs through no write grants. 

This model is based on Trinidad’s hugely successful Carnival, an economic engine that raises the standard of living for many citizens and is a huge source of Funding for Arts and Music Carnival Music programs throughout the country, who then participate in the larger annual festival.  An exquisite circle of Creativity, Profit and ReInvestment in Community and Youth.